Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Reader Goes Hollywood

I don’t have movie stars playing my characters—I don’t even have actors.

I don’t have a director dictating the action, or a DP or camera crew following it—the only action is the reader turning pages or swiping his screen.

I don’t have a sound track, or background music, or sound effects—I have no audio at all.

I don’t have art directors, sets, wardrobe, makeup, or special effects—I have no design crew whatsoever.

I am dependent on my reader’s imagination alone to produce my movie in his head. It is up to me to provide him, through my words, the sensory, emotional, and informational input he needs to create the action I want him to experience. I am competing with television, films, video games, and the Internet, and my reader is my entire cast and crew.

Is it that way for you?

1 comment:

  1. It really is Flo! Hey those are the best books to me too, the ones that can make me smell the salty sea air and feel the sooty grime of the soot on a miner's chisel - better than any movie!